Our Story

Our Story

Our Beginning

Harvest was founded by Pastor Paul Cypert on Father's Day, 1988 in Plainview, Texas. Pastor Paul had a dream from God of a church full of people young at heart worshipping Jesus. Paul and D'Ann started the church as a Life Group with a few friends, and their families, that met in their home. The pioneering days of Harvest consisted of constant prayer, worship, fellowship and a lot of hard work.

Our Growth

The heart of Harvest has always been to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ and to help them grow in the Lord. Throughout the years, we have trained up leaders and sent them out to plant other Harvest churches in Amarillo, Lubbock, Plainview, and Seymour, Texas. Here in Plainview, we are actively ministering to over 1,500 people each month. However, there are many people in our city who don't know the love of Jesus and are literally "sheep without a shepherd" and will wander aimlessly, filling their life with destructive things until someone reaches them.

Our Future

As we move forward, we will always pursue the mission and vision God has given us. You can learn more about our vision and mission here. As we continually make disciples who make Jesus' way known, we intend to equip people to plant churches across this region as we continue to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit to advance the Kingdom of God in West Texas and beyond. 

Your Role in the Story

At Harvest we recognize that God has a plan and purpose for each person's life. We believe He's created us to live together in a healthy, life-giving community of believers called the local church. Put simply, Harvest is a church that is about reaching people right where they're at. We're a church on a mission to the culture with the message of Jesus. You play an important part in being light to your sphere of influence. Together, we can advance the vision God has given us and continue making a difference right here in our community.


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